Whew! just another day?


Yes, another day … and now that I see it is only Tuesday … it may be a long week! so why should that be distracting, or disturbing?

The list is longer than I want to admit. Procrastination has made it a longer list.  Phone calls to return, emails to respond to and so far no new clients … Starting off as a Counselor in Private Practice is something else, if you do not do the traditional “insurance” route! The trend away from insurance is a better choice, since I won’t be asked to label someone. And so this hill is steeper than I thought it would be.

Many new options to choose from and I am using skills that I have used in the past to promote my program.  So, how many of you out there have heard of Grief? Felt Grief? Had major losses?  My work is in grief counseling and in a small town, a lot of folks have losses we don’t even know about.  They will take off 3 days from work and have a few weeks of condolences from family and friends and snap! Yes. Everyone else’s life get’s back to normal, except for their life, which becomes a new, unfamiliar normal, sort of up and down and not an easy transition.

So if you are that person, you may just stay busy to avoid the pain and loneliness (not recommended); or you isolate, because you don’t know if you are safe to express yourself with others or you just don’t know when the tears will come.  Also you may find yourself unable to think, work or accomplish even the simplest task.  It’s all quite normal, but does not feel normal.  Adjusting is not easy, as your life is never the same … things seem out of focus. It’s a good day one day and the next is not so good. Up and down.

So what I do in my private practice is offer my compassion and guidance to these few affected greatly by grief, so that they will have a better road ahead of them, have a safe place to share and not feel so isolated. I hope folks who struggle will also seek support, away from family who are also grieving and who may not be on the very same path, when you need them …  try  www.charlotteottolpc.com   for support groups or individual help.

One more thing just got checked of my list! ~ charlotte


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