Forever Young …


It seems hard to grasp and yet, death has no age specific category.  Yet,  a few beautiful family photos will defy the imminence of death.  Can someone so vibrant and full of energy and love leave this world for the next?   Life is fragile.  One minute to the next,  one breath, one heart beat.  It’s sometimes the answer to prayers; or the calling of God to come closer.

It’s a time of indecision, waiting and watching.  Not really knowing when death will come, it appears to be an ongoing uphill battle, each day goes by at a slower pace, a bit more unresponsive, a bit more tedious … labored.  A number of thoughts race through my mind, is it today? will we see this passing to the next life today or tomorrow?  It’s so hard to tell, but minute by minute, there are great changes taking place.  It’s still hard to tell.

Her color is fading, a small wince of the brow, but ever so fleeting.  Is that recognition of what’s happening? Is she aware of this transition? Can this be painful?  Is she aware we are here, surrounding her bed, arms outstretched?   It is painful to all looking on.  We are so lucky to be at this place, this moment, at this juncture where she takes her last breath, and where we say “goodbye, it’s OK, we’ll be ok”.  Her eyes have opened, as if to say “just one last look at my loved ones”; or to see the newness of life waiting on the other side.  She pauses a moment  …  and with eyes  now closed  …  one last breath … so serene.  Sacred ground … Peace at last … And forever young.  2015-10-01 07.24.18


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