Grief Groups


Spouses Grief Group Reunion is an ongoing support group on 2nd Mondays 1:30-3:00. It is open to someone who wants to see what a grief support group feels like. So this group has gone through a preliminary 6 weeks group, during the summer, and now meets just to check-in and catch up, and share how they are handling grief for the month. $15 per session, introductory price.

Spouses Grief Support Group starts when you are ready. It’s every Monday at 1:30-3:00. This is for a series of 7 weeks, and you may continue to stay with the group as long as needed. $15 per session, introductory price.

Family Grief Support is offered on Thursday evenings. If you are a sibling, a parent, or a daughter or son with a recent loss, this group is for you. First Thursday of October is start date.  $15 per session, introductory price.

Grief Recovery Method Support Group begins in October for 8 weeks on Wednesdays @ 1-3pm. $25 per session payable by the month.  Groups can help you begin the processing of deep feelings you have over a loss.  This method is also action oriented, with a variety of exercises to help you sort out what is necessary to begin to heal from your loss. To register for any groups call or text 361-215-5322 or email


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