Life Transitions ~ Relationships


Change is difficult, unwanted by most and we often fight it, without realizing we are in the middle of it. So when we do recognize that life is not flowing smoothly and life’s bumps are creating problems for us.

Do we just keep doing the same old thing? Not really, you must create change that you choose. I would most likely, be the last to know I need change. The signal is how many unpleasant issues are coming at me from all angles, until I recognize the need and do change. Arguments, dangerous and heated verbal or physical exchanges, risky behaviors acted out? Alcohol, drugs, gambling, affairs, out of control?

Difficult relationships often are just that.  Is this what you want? Have you compromised your values? do you have choices to make? Your guideline is “values”. What do you need to be safe, connected and content? Values are ideas about life you do not want to compromise, because as you do you give away parts of yourself, your self-esteem begins to suffer. Compromise is a key negotiation in marriage, partnerships and relationships for everyone to be happy. Relationships are not meant to be one-sided.

I am amazed at young folks today, how they learn to find their strengths, their voice, and happiness. Coming to get guidance during a life transition, can help smooth the way. It can also be the best thing, you do for yourself. Find a counselor, or call me for an appointment.


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